As an aspiring online entrepreneur, my driving force is gratitude; I live and breathe appreciation. I use new rules in Marketing, based on consciousness and authenticity. Gone are selling and pitching, welcome the greater good!
Th number one key is to be myself. Being authentic and open minded, non-judgemental and free. Suffice to say I love it!
At the start of my new journey, a close friend gave me some wonderful advice...start small, stand tall. This was exactly what I needed to hear, and it become my tagline, so I would remember each day to keep moving forward with pride. I needed to stop procrastinating and overcome the need to be perfect, to stop waiting for the right moment. I needed to just put one foot in front of the other, start small and always keep my head held high with that pride and dignity I so often cower behind. But now, to let it be my strength, to follow it and use it to push forward, no matter what. To always follow my goals with that no matter what philosophy and make shit happen.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
Lao Tzu

So I stopped thinking that I woulda coulda shoulda and now think there is no try, only do ... I should really quote Yoda there 🙂 Now I find ways to make my ideas become reality.
Life always has ways of testing you, throwing obstacles in your path. Fatigue has toppled me after a course of radiation therapy. Last year I had two breast cancer operations and then radio, so I know ... more limitations, but hopefully I'll see the end of it soon. It's been months now, and while I've cleared up on the surface, I'm still extremely tired all the time. But, what's not to like about an afternoon nap right? I definitely have ideas dancing around in my head when I'm resting, typical creative stir crazy stuff. Sometimes I feel like Patrick Jane [Simon Baker] from The Mentalist, lying on his very own work couch, thinking and solving cases from a horizontal position. It's hardly timely when your brain starts to conjure the solution to problems from your subconscious, or what that persons name is (that you couldn't remember before) or what you forgot to add to the shopping list.