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My life is about doing what makes me happy and proud. If nothing else, it's me and my tribe. Those of us who live and breath the cool fresh air of the alpine, appreciating the magical wonder of the landscape and working together with other skilled and creative members of our Snowy Mountains community. It's about getting goosebumps doing the things that make us feel alive and free, revelling in the awe that is this wintry town.

I love watching the seasons come and go, and seeing the people they bring making the most of every minute of every day. It's feels brilliant and is inspiring. I want to be a part of that.

'For the Love of Jindabyne' is a social media account where Jindabyne is celebrated daily. It is a Snowy Mountains tourism platform with an excellent, loyal and passionate following. I invite you to make use of the network I have built to promote your business to my very eager, active Jindy loving audience.

"Social advertising is relatively cheap to buy and can reach vast audiences instantly. Media spend is diverted to Facebook and Google Adwords. Plenty of people are monetising social media, and they're also bypassing the traditional media channels to do it. It's the network effect that makes social so powerful."


- Bernadette Schwerdt 2018


Influencer Advertising

Generally speaking, a post on 'For the Love of Jindabyne' Instagram+Facebook is more or less seen 2,500 times, usually within the first 1-2 days. Stories are primarily viewed around 600-800 times each within a 24 hour period. The ad pricing is based on my average reach (number of unique accounts reached) and impressions (total number of times seen). When compared to the exposure of a magazine, newspaper or radio ads, I think the pricing represents good value.

Targeted Paid Facebook Advertising

The service offered here is to represent your business via Facebook/Instagram as an Advertiser on your Ads Manager account. The ad charges are paid via your Ads account, and I invoice you for time spent setting up the ads and managing them. Recent examples are the Cookie Competition that Snowy Mountains Cookies launched on the weekend, and the Peak Festival advertising over the past 3 months.


Content Creation Design

I design sets of social media images ready to use, which you are then able to incorporate into an advertisingpackage or put to use yourself. This is an hourly service and is based on your brief. Recent examples are Harro'sSnowsports, Snowy Mountains Cookies, Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa, Sponars Chalet, Peak Festival, SnowyMonaro Business Awards, Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce, Snowy Mountains Innovation Network, Live Locates.