As a 2018 award winner in the category of Excellence in Innovation, I have first hand knowledge of the process, and am happy to outline the benefits and explain the details of taking part in the award process. If you’d like to know more, please send me an email.

During the period of nomination, a number of in depth questions are required to be answered in order to establish the level of adherence to the award category your business is entering. In my instance, over 2000 words were written in all, answering around six questions.

Participation in the Awards process enabled me to achieve a number of important revelations in my small business. It directed my attention to self evaluation and assessment, gave me the opportunity to reflect on my business model and ensured a path to refining my own approach to my work. The moment of realisation, being announced a winner, was very emotional and professionally gratifying. Yes, I think I cried, and from memory so did Berridale artist, Pauline Coxen. It is really something to have the spotlight shines on you for a moment, something that is especially lovely in the small yet large region of the Snowy Monaro.

The after effects of being an award winner are tangible in the sense that I experienced the increased esteem of my peers, exposure to potential clients, publicity for Jindabyne, plus a very proud validation of the business model I had employed, and a renewed enthusiasm for my own business and abilities.